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If after completing the Password Reset Instructions and are still having  - Log on or password issues call the Lee County School District - IT Support Contact Information. Our offices are located in the Lee County Public Education Building. 2855 Colonial Blvd, Fort Myers, Florida 33966 - Phone(239) 337-8221, Fax: (239) 337-8633 for assistance in resolving this issue.


All required courses must be completed by October 31, 2016

 As per the district office THIS IS A MANDATORY COURSE SO THAT YOU CAN HAVE ACCESS TO THE TECHNOLOGY WITHIN THE SCHOOL DISTRICT. NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED BY: OCTOBER 31, 2016. Training is required to be completed within the above time frame to be eligible for continued employment

If you should have any questions you may contact: Linda Carter at (239) 826-8696.

If you should wish to reprint your certificate for the course for easy reference and verification, you can go back into your School District Email and reprint it. It will not show up right away as the scores have to be verified by district personnel before you recieve credit for this course. Also, if you scored the minimum passing score of 80% and would like to improve the end of course test score, please use the link that has been provided on this page for Acceptible Use to access the end of course test again. There is no limit to the amount of times you can take the test, but you do have to have an 80% or higher. ***This is highly recommended as some of the technology policies have changed within the district and to the limitations that we may have as substitutes.***



As a substitute teacher, it would be in your best interest to sign up for these FREE classes so that you can further advance in your knowledge for the new Common Core Standards and Policies. Any classes that you are interested in, you are welcome to sign up for them. HOWEVER, Microsoft Outlook for Substitutes and Smart Board training is Mandatory in order to be able to abide by district policies and procedures within the Lee County School District.

Per Lee County School Board District Policy 5.09 - All substitute teachers shall complete an initial orientation and training program in district policies and procedures addressing school safety and security procedures, educational liability laws, professional responsibilities and ethics.

The Microsoft Outlook for Substitutes class is mandatory and a pre-requisite for attending the smart board class. If you forgot how to log on to your district email account and need to do your training or having issues with training, then this class is for you.
ALL Substitute Teachers are set up with a School District email account.   All communications from this day forward will be emailed to your School District email account.  We will no longer be sending communications by mail or to your personal email account.  Please sign into your School District email frequently to keep your account active.    


All new Guest Teachers / Substitute Teachers are encouraged to attend the following class: Microsoft Outlook for Substitutes (New Hires or those who would like to attend as a refresher).

The class/training, covers the following:

  1. District policies and procedures addressing - school safety and security procedures, educational liability laws, professional responsibilities and ethics

  2. District Email

  3. Use of school District Computers

  4. Acceptableuse.leeschools.net

  5. LCAPST – Guest Teacher / Substitute Website

  6. Effective Communications / Basic Classroom Management

  7. Tips on username, password, D.I.D's, pins, requirements

  8. How to access training through PeopleSoft

  9. Leave Management System (LMS)

  10. Smart Board Tips 

**When you register for the above class, you will be given your Lee County School District email address and login information, if you do not have one or it is not working.** You will have a working Lee County School email address after this class if you are in the system.

Please Read: Course Participant Expectations

Date: (Most subsequent classes will be held on the 1st Friday of every month)

2017 - Mar 3, Apr 7

April 7th will be the last class of this 2017 for Microsoft Outlook for Substitutes and very important information you need for your day to day classroom skills.

Location: Lee County Public Education Center, located at 2855 Colonial Blvd., Fort Myers, Fl 33966 in Classroom C

Time: Classes begin at 5:00pm and end approximately at 8:00pm.
(New Hires need to be there at 4:30 pm so that logon assistance can be done prior to class)

***You NEED to bring a USB Flash Drive (2 GB or LARGER) with you to classes.***
Secure/encrypted USB flash drives will not work

needs to be done in PeopleSoft so that we can get a headcount for the amount of people intending to come. Peoplesoft,  Selfservice,  Learning,  Find Learning,  Search = Outlook

If you shouid have a problem registering, please contact LCAPST IT Coordinator LINDA CARTER at (239) 826-8696.

Those who may be needing a refresher for this class, are welcome to attend as you may learn a few more new tips/tools that you can use.

PeopleSoft - Enroll into Substitute Teacher Courses


Date Trainer Time Location
Peoplesoft,  Selfservice,  Learning,  Find Learning,  Search = Outlook
Outlook for Substitutes Mar 7th Linda Carter /
Helene McIntosh
5-8 pm Training Room C
Outlook for Substitutes
(Last Class of this year)
April 7th Linda Carter /
Helene McIntosh
5-8 pm Training Room C

Please click on and print the following and bring to class Teacher's Get Smart Level 1 - Handout -

*** You NEED Bring a USB Flash Drive with you to class. Either a 2 GB or larger. ***
Secure/encrypted USB flash drives will not work

Must have at least 10 people per class or it will be cancelled!C
Peoplesoft,  Selfservice,  Learning,  Find Learning,  Search = Substitute
Smart  Board for subs TBA 1st Semester 5-8 pm Training Room C
Smart  Board for subs TBA 2nd Semester 5-8 pm Training Room C
All Substitutes are encouraged to attend these courses. These courses are being conducted on a Lee County Schools Duty Day. These courses are currently open for registration.
TBA   Training Room
  TBA     Training Room 
  TBA     Training Room


 All classes will be held at the Central School District Office located at 2855 Colonial Blvd., Ft. Myers, Fl. 33966

You MUST attend the Substitute E-Mail and District Computer Use Class, and have an active district email address.

REMEMBER TO RSVP by registering for the course in PeopleSoft.com