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My friends


I  attached a flyer from Renaissance Dental which they propose  as  the
opening salvo in heir effort to enroll substitutes in both our organization
and their dental plan.


Note this is an indemnity plan not a reimbursement plan.


That is, it pays "X" dollars for an office visit whether you have the most
expensive dentist in town or the cheapest.


Like wise for a crown or root canal it pays a fixed amount.


We have had discussions with another company AFLAC for a medical indemnity
plan but they are not as interested in us as Renaissance is judged on their
exhibiting and presenting in Seattle and now the flyer which they produced.


I would like board approval to pursue and close a deal with Renaissance. I
believe it can only benefit us and our members.




No one can do everything
Everyone can do something
I choose to do this


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